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EXclsuive Jewellery brings you to Ise Jingu!

22 October 2019, on the ceremonies date of the Accession to the Throne for the new emperor Naruhito ( of Japan, EXclusive Jewellery visited to the highest-ranked Shrine of Japan, Ise Jingu ( which locates in the Mie Prefecture.

You may have already heard about the Mie Prefecture before as the international big issue 42nd G7 summit ( was also held at the Ise-Shima on 26-27 May 2017. Leaders at the summit also visited the Ise Jingu during their stay in Mie Prefecture.

After a visit to the Ise Jingu, you may enjoy local foods and souvenir shopping at the traditional street, Oharai Dori and Okage Yokocho. Matsusaka Beef, Seafood Grill, traditional sweet Akafuku, chilling with a cake or a cup of coffee at the café next to the Isuzu River are highly receommended.

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